Slavic Monsters is a free2play geolocation mobile game with VR and AR. Players can meet and collect monsters based on their own culture and mythology. Current version include monsters mainly from slavic legends like Leshy, Fiend or Werewolf. More mythologies are coming to most active cultures.

Player can build, plounder, exchange monsters and what’s most important fight in real, advanced player versus player system.


Monsters can learn new attacks

Attacks can drown, set on fire, poison, stun, confuse or heal

Monsters efficiency depends on real terrain type (water monsters are stronger when player
is physically near lake or river)

Game arenas where players can fight with
each other in real time


Players can build their own fortress
on the game map

Monsters inside the fortress can
passively earn experience

Other player can pay you for
healing in your fortress

Fortresses are generating in game
currency but can also be plundered


Players can find each other on the game map

They can fight in fast turn based system

Monsters exchange

On map communication system



This corpulent gentleman is known for his unrestrained appetite. He satisfies it by making unexpected visits to human households. It could happend, that by going for a night snack in the fridge you will meet a two-meter Fugass. In this case, it is worth considering whether you are more attached to the last piece of the cake or to even number of limbs.



Bathyr is probably the cleanest representative of Slavic mythology. He shows his love for ablutions by spending whole days and nights in sauna, banya and under hot showers. If you come across a Bathyr during his bath, you should treat yourself to a double portion of scrubbing. This hairy gentleman and his meter long ladle can not stand the lack of hygiene.



Basilisks are famous for a complicated reproductive process and a winning gaze. They hatch from an egg laid by a seven-year-old cock and then  spends nine years with asps and toads. It is no wonder that Basilisk happens to be in a bad mood after coming to the world. Since we don’t choose a family, he vents his frustration on everyone who dares to look into his eyes, by changing that person into a tasteful, garden decoration.



Busher does not immediately become a mighty guardian of the forest. Before growing up, he goes through the stage of carefree running through the woods where he catches and eats smaller creatures. However, from his earliest years, he dislike the lack of respect for nature. Therefore, before we throw a plastic bottle in the bushes, it is worth considering whether we will really no longer need both hands.



Klobuk is a proud and mighty demon who just happens to look like a wet duck. When he walks by the farmyard his tail sparks, and the house is in abundance. However, Klobuk could be edgy and sometimes  burns entire farms or only their hosts. When irritated, Klobuk can be appeased with dumplings, scrambled eggs or greaves. He could be also frightened by presenting the „back” of one’s body.



If Busher does not appear in a given forest, you can count on Leshy’s presence. Wandering through the forest, often takes the form of a powerful tree, which sometimes leads to misunderstandings on the Leshy – squirrels line. His attitude towards people depends on their behavior in the forest. Lack of respect for nature can therefore end up with a deficit in the limbs of given human.



Purmur is a small, usually innocuous demon who particularly likes the space behind stove. Despite the look and the abilities, he has fiery temperament, and his favorite activity is to lie behind the stove and making loud murmurs that scare children. He does not perform other useful activities.



Retnik is a devil famous for his passion for music and exchange trading. The subjects of barter are usually beautiful instruments that he exchanges for the souls of musicians. He himself is also a talented musician. He can play everything on his flute, from organ concert to heavy guitar riffs. A side effect of listening to him may be a tendency to debauchery and occasional vandalism.



Werewolves are majestic creatures of the night, stepping proudly through the darkness ablaze with the glow of the moon. On the other hand, young werewolves are half-mad, toothed balls of fur for which the world is one, great, squealing toy. They are also the best proof for the fact that violence can be both sweet and slobbery.



“AQUARIUS IS THE KING OF WATER, JUST AS THE LION IS THE KING OF THE JUNGLE!” At least when we’re referring to inland bodies of water. Just like every king, Aquarius has his habits. One of them is drowning the animals crossing the water and reckless swimmers. However, he can be convinced to abandon his murderous practices for a while. For example, by drowning a hen for him.



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